[thechat] Communications Research?

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Fri Mar 24 10:37:29 CST 2006

John Handelaar wrote:

>>You know we generate electricity by burning peat here, right?

Hi John,

Welllll ... Yes & No.  I mean, I've read about it - sure.  Mostly in
older stories set in rural 
areas where peat seemed to be pretty handy stuff!  Useful for
construction, insulation, and fuel! 
It sounded like the cottages were made _of_ peat as well as heated _by_

(Oddly enough no one seemed particularly worried about living and
sleeping inside a large fuel 
cell. Fatalistic lot, eh?)

But not in a 'practical' sense.  I've dug some peat as a lad to store
our nightcrawlers in 
(keeps them lively for fishing).  And I have kind of a vague mental
image of what I suspect 
a peat farm might look (and smell) like.  

The looks of which, actually, might not be too terribly far off the

Folks here often purchase bags of 'Michigan peat' for their gardening

But I don't think I have a good concept of this industrial 'compressed'
kind of peat.

And I'm most likely completely clueless on the difference, if any,
between 'peat' and 'turf'.

But I did watch an interminably long (and dead slow nearly to the point
of making you 
yearn for Vogon poetry as a less painful death) film (wish I could
remember it's name) 
about a fellow who managed the 'pitch', which is, again, a quite
different matter. 


Quick reminder: No. Not ALL Southerners actually eat dirt.  (Although
many have recommended 
that *others* take up the practice.)

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