[thechat] copyright on MySpace

Canfield, Joel JCanfield at PacAdvantage.org
Mon Mar 27 10:01:03 CST 2006

> By my reading, not if you remove it from their servers, 
> according to the 
> line that says, "This license will terminate at the time you 
> remove such 
> Content from the Services."

Which is followed by "Notwithstanding the foregoing, a back-up or
residual copy of the Content posted by you may remain on the MySpace.com
servers after you have removed the Content from the Services, and
MySpace.com retains the rights to those copies."

So, removing your originals terminates their rights to your originals.
Nothing terminates their rights to the copies they made.

> It does sound an extraordinarily broad range of arses they're 
> covering, 
> though - what's the thing about sublicensees all about?

Rumor is they've been bought by Interscope or some such. The
'sublicensees' thing means we can assign these rights to anyone we want.

So, if I post a song I wrote and recorded on MySpace, then remove it,
they retain the legal right to release it on CD, play it on their radio
station, have another artist record it, post the lyrics online, all
without my permission.

I'm still a teesy bit skeptical that it's as evil as it sounds, but I
can't find evidence to support my hope.


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