[thechat] Photo printer

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Wed Mar 29 14:20:23 CST 2006

Hi Chris,

Belated congrats on the new toy!  ;-)  Sounds like Big Fun!

How's the shutter lag time on the newer digital slrs?  (I picked up one
of the Nikon 
Coolpix boogers a few years ago and, while I'm more used to it nowadays,
the lag is still 
bothersome - especially in low light situations.)

I would agree with Ian; on a cost/quality basis the photo labs are still
a better deal ... 
but sometimes the convenience of having a printer at home makes up for
that.  <shrug />

I have (surprise) one of the HP photo printers.  Unfortunately I can't
tell you which 
one it is or how good a job it does. <chagrin />  I got it free a few
months ago as a 
'service anniversary' trinket and it's still sitting in the box at home.
Hmmmm ... 
I suppose I should see if my wife wants to set it up with her laptop.
She's more 
inclined to want prints to give to folks than I am.  If I get a decent
shot I'll just 
post it somewhere and send folks the link instead.

Speaking of which, feel free to share any links to decent shots you grab
with the D50!

Not much help here,


[Gee.  I suppose I really should download that shot of the *red*
bluebonnets I took last 
weekend in Austin and see if it turned out okay.]

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