[thechat] names (was RE: Neurothon II)

Canfield, Joel JCanfield at PacAdvantage.org
Thu Mar 30 13:51:29 CST 2006

> where he started spelling his last name with a '3' smack dab in the 
> middle of it.  He claimed the '3' was silent, but if you 
> listened very very closely ....

knew a guy in high school named Frankie Moe. Exactly like that. Not
Frank, and no middle name.

So, when he filled out the college entrance forms, he scribbled in his
best surfer scribble

    First     Middle      Last
    Frankie   (none)      Moe

and got back forms addressed to

    Frankie Wonel Moe

My dad new a guy name R B Jones. Yup; letters, not names. Dad met him in
the airforce where, after filling out his forms as

    First   Middle       Last
    R only  B only       Jones

he was, of course, known as Ronly Bonly Jones.

and finally, from south of the border, Dad had an employee in the
electronics plant in Tijuana with an interesting way of including a
number in his name. In parts of Mexico it's common to adopt your
mother's maiden name as your middle name. So, since Francisco's parents
were *both* named Ochoa, he as Francisco Ochoa Ochoa, which he wrote as

    Francisco Ochoa^2 (as in, squared)

he was an engineer, working with engineers, so it was probably actually
funny when *he* did it

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