[thechat] Calling Houstonians (is that a word :))

Elfur Logadóttir elfur at elfur.is
Thu Apr 6 19:33:33 CDT 2006

|:.From: William Anderson
|:.Ian Anderson wrote:
|:.> [snip]
|:.> On a barely related note, who's watched LazyTown, possibly 
|:.the coolest 
|:.> and strangest children's show in recent years? It's from 
|:.Iceland too...
|:.aka Latibær, according to IMDb

yup. Latibær is the Icelandic name, direct translation: LazyTown :)

|:. ... jesus, I've been off ill from work
|:.the last couple of days, and I caught LazyTown on bbc two the other
|:.morning ... I thought I'd taken more than Beechams capsules 
|:.while I was
|:.watching it.  It seems to be a strange mix of regular kids shows, Spy
|:.Kids-type CG, and some wee kid wearing a pink wig.  A really 
|:.pink wig.

yup. that would be Solla stirða :)
the adult actress that played this role on stage some 5 or 6 years ago is
still doing sketches at children's parties and public venues.

|:.So pink that at half seven in the morning, it hurts to look 
|:.at it.  My
|:.eyes, my eyes!
|:.> Wonderful colours and design. I want to be Sportacus when 
|:.I grow up!
|:.I pity you :)

I think the "actor" did to!
He's a former fitness world champion (prolly almost 20 years back, before it
became big :))
And after his fitness career ended he wanted to keep motivate the nation to
exercise ... and 14 years later he's still doing that role, mind you his
aerobics act isn't even close to being as good as it was 14 years ago, but
the production has gotten better.


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