[thechat] Calling Houstonians (is that a word :))

William Anderson neuro at well.com
Thu Apr 6 17:01:02 CDT 2006

Ian Anderson wrote:
> [snip]
> On a barely related note, who's watched LazyTown, possibly the coolest 
> and strangest children's show in recent years? It's from Iceland too...

aka Latibær, according to IMDb ... jesus, I've been off ill from work
the last couple of days, and I caught LazyTown on bbc two the other
morning ... I thought I'd taken more than Beechams capsules while I was
watching it.  It seems to be a strange mix of regular kids shows, Spy
Kids-type CG, and some wee kid wearing a pink wig.  A really pink wig.
So pink that at half seven in the morning, it hurts to look at it.  My
eyes, my eyes!

> Wonderful colours and design. I want to be Sportacus when I grow up!

I pity you :)

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