[thechat] Mini Cooper S with GP kit

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Wed Apr 12 16:43:45 CDT 2006

Joel Canfield noted:

>>My driving sets me apart, all on its own; don't need distinctive
wheels to do it :)

Ah!  So that _was_ you driving the Mini!

>>how's that '74 Deville workin' for ya, grampa?

'74? Feh! Too new!  Gimme a '59! 
Hey, at least the '59 had decent fins!
MMmmmmm ... Fins!  
That's what your GP needs!  
Harley Earl would be soooooo proud!   ;-P

>>... my battered Kia Sportage ... only weighs a billion tons

I used to rallye with an engineer who used to drive Omnis. [He was an EE
an ME, okay?] Those things were light. So if he got trapped in the
freeway lane 
with the big puddle - he was a goner.  The pig of a Celica I was driving
at the 
time never had that problem. [It had plenty of other problems,
like the pig it was for example, but steady on through the puddles.]


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