[thechat] evolt.org redesign competition: <1 week to go!

Martin Burns martin at easyweb.co.uk
Tue Apr 25 05:03:13 CDT 2006

Hi all

Just a quick reminder that the evolt.org resign competition closes at the
end of the week and we'll be starting to look at the entries next Monday.

Richard's excellent post below summarises it all nicely, but if you want
the chapter and verse, see
with one extra reminder: that evolt.org gathers enough net.fame to feature
in two well distributed design books (one of which is the ORA Polar Bear
book) and the drupal site showcase.

I've heard whispers of 2 designs that were at the flat image mockup stage
a week ago, and one that's a working (although still in progress) drupal 

I know we've got visual designers who can produce amazing, distinctive and
lickable designs, IAs who can build structures Frank Lloyd Wright would envy,
and coders who can integrate the best of front-end and back-end interactivity
to make Zeldman (Hi Jeffrey!) throw his mouse away in pique.

We're all phenomenally talented people - show us what we can do! Now if 
you'll excuse me, I've a comments template to evoltify and add sliding 
doors, scriptaculous effects and other AJAX goodness, SIFR... and any
other whizzbang stuff I can shovel in...


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Subject: evolt.org redesign tip
Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2006 21:14:00 +0200
From: Richard Bennett 
To: thelist at lists.evolt.org

<tip type="webdesign">

Just a reminder that time is running out if you want to join in the evolt.org
redesign contest.

If you're like me, doing something like this makes a welcome change from the
work we should be doing, and you can file it under R & D as you're bound to
learn a lot from it.
Or maybe you're just starting-out, and are in the chicken-egg situation, no
customers because you have no experience, and no experience because you can't
get any work? Here's a chance to break out of that, get some experience, and
have something for your portfolio, whether you win or not.

So here's the original design brief:

Ever looked at the evolt site and thought "I could do better than that"?
Ever thought "All very nice, but it's a bit 1999"?
Ever thought "It's not using *half* the potential that Drupal (plus  
modules) gives it"?
Ever thought "Wish we could be as gorgeous as $insertsitehere"?

Well, now's your chance. Evolt.org is proud to announce a grand  
Design Contest, to
redesign www.evolt.org. If your entry wins, it becomes the new design  
- simple, eh?

Background, rules and so on at
but the key things are:
1) The site's staying in Drupal
2) Ease of implementation is as important as beauty of design
3) Entries in by end April


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