[thechat] Building a New House

Canfield, Joel JCanfield at PacAdvantage.org
Wed Jun 7 09:26:49 CDT 2006

> Regarding the wiring, I was planning to add a few 'internal' 
> wires from 
> my office. We have two VOIP lines and so I was thinking to run an 
> ethernet wire from my office to the kitchen along with two regular 
> telephone wires.

The cable is the cheap part. While you have access, put in at least
triple what you need. Allows for all kinds of eventualities like a line
flaking out or being damaged, besides for

> we might want to put the YOU_NAME_IT_THING_THAT_THEY_WILL_INVENT box 
> there as well.

yeah, that.

someday when I live in a house I own instead of rent, I'm going to run
ethernet to every room with all jacks, just like most business offices.
I like wireless just fine, but when I play the movies off my server
while I'm laying in bed, I want better than wireless service. etc etc.

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