[thechat] Building a New House

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Thu Jun 8 10:00:35 CDT 2006

Roger Austin noted:

>>One word: conduit.

Cool idea!  Some home builders in my area offer that mostly, I think,
for folks 
looking to add home theatre systems at a later point in time.

>>Another nice thingy is a whole house vacuuming system. 

I'm not sure.  I had some friends who thought it was cool at first, but 
kinda grew to hate it over time.  Cleaning the filters is, apparently, 
a pain.  Another issue seems to come up when _some_ of the ports lose 
suction.  [I'm still happy with my old Kirby.]

>>A very weird idea I had when trying to unload stuff is to put a
loading dock on the house. 

Not so weird Roger!  That's actually fairly common 'round these heah
parts!  (Not 
on the house though ... on the storage/workshop outbuilding.  Those
generally have 
the 'large doors' on one end with an entry ramp for storing your
boats/tractors/jet skis/4 wheelers/misc.  A normal 'walk-thru' door on
one side or the back. [You need to design 
to have VERY easy access since the separate 'beer fridge' is generally
kept out here!] 
And a pickup-truck height loading dock door on the side.  Comes in very
handy for unloading 
your welding equipment/air tanks/spare engines/etc. The pickup also
makes a nice ottoman 
when you take a break to push back a cold one.)

>From recent experiences in Redneckville,


{Lemme see, their garage was storing 2 boats, 1 jetski, 1 four-wheeler,
a riding lawnmower, the venison freezer, the beer fridge, assorted tools
and misc., and an old dune buggy motor sitting just inside the loading
dock. (The other jet ski, the other four-wheeler, the golf cart, the
tractor, the rest of the dune buggy, and some assorted spare trailers
were sitting outside.) Some people just have a natural affinity for the
lack of zoning restrictions!}

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