[thechat] np?

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Tue Aug 29 15:27:21 CDT 2006

Mike King noted:

>>Now that reminds me of the pitch black restaurant, Dans Le Noir[1],
which has complete darkness 
>>and blind waiters. I've not been but I'd be up for it  :)

>>[1] http://www.danslenoir.com/london/

Hi Mike,

Saw one of those on a 'travel' show on PBS recently.  Looked

You'll have to tell us what you think after you go!


Who is very much looking forward to taking in the 'Body Worlds III'
exhibit this weekend:
Homesite is here: http://www.bodyworlds.com/index.html --- but this
video gives you a much 
better idea what the exhibit will be like:

[ Hey ... As long as we're hijaaking ... Music, Dinner, and now 'The
Show'! ] 

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