[thechat] cap'n ron escapes captivity! (was FW: [xforum] starting point for revitalizing evolt?)

Joel D Canfield joel at spinhead.com
Tue Sep 19 20:38:34 CDT 2006

that lubber garrett o'coakley blathered something like

> Can I just say Ron, I always find myself smiling whenever I see a  
> posting from you in one of my folders. Most of the time I don't have  
> the first damn clue what the hell you're on about, but I know it's  
> always going to be unique and entertaining.
> Seriously, they let you walk around outside and chat to people and  
> stuff? *:)

he's a Texan. *no one* knows what he's on about, even other Texans,
although they all *pretend* the understand each other. "Dang tootin',

on the other hand, Californians take great pride in their constant
intentional misunderstanding of everything . . . but I'm Irish,
remember? an Irish pirate. yup; that's me. Go raibh maith agut, matey!

as for Cap'n Ron's wandering the streets, I'll have to tell y'all
someday about my casual invite to all and sundry to "come to our wedding
reception! It'll be fun!" and the ensuing sitcom, "Ron and Mary and Joel
and Sue in Sacramento"


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