[thechat] Cognoscenti Must-Have!!

Hershel Robinson hershel at galleryrobinson.com
Mon Oct 16 11:59:10 CDT 2006

Elfur Logadóttir wrote:
> |:.From: Hershel Robinson
> |:.
> |:.We should at least talk here about valuable business tools, 
> |:.such as this:
> |:.
> |:.http://campus111.com/hd537.htm
> |:.
> |:.Please do not ask if I actually took the bait and bought one 
> |:.of these.
> Does it work :)

Does it have a little light that goes on? Yes.

Does it actually draw in air through the vacuum end? Yes.

Is it actually worth even the advertised price? No. The suction power is 
extremely weak. I tried it now on my PC (inside the box) and it doesn't 
really do much for me. The light part is cute, but if you want a light, 
I would say get a little USB light device without the vacuum. :)


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