[thechat] Your dream house: what tech stuff?

Joel D Canfield joel at spinhead.com
Thu Oct 26 15:12:05 CDT 2006

> > One logic says that it's sensible to build everything on one level  
> > anyway... the only reason for having an upstairs for bedrooms is  
> > psychological.
> Square footage doesn't come into it?

*if* ft^2 of the lot isn't an issue, then [martin's point] else, yeah,
build upwards

however, since virtually all household dangers are more dangerous whilst
you're sleeping (especially fire, since it's smoke inhalation that
kills, not flames) and 'getting out' is more
problematic/confusing/whatever at night, bedrooms should be downstairs
in a multi-story house.

security may be an issue in some areas, but if it's worth worrying
about, being on the second floor is probably not much of a difference


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