[thechat] November means NaNoWriMo!

Joel D Canfield joel at spinhead.com
Mon Nov 6 18:14:43 CST 2006

> For, as you all know, November means NaNoWriMo!
> (Although the 'National' part does seems rather superfluous 
> these days.

I'm at about 11,000 words

> And, for inspiration, I leave you with the winning entry from 
> the 1993 
> Bulwer-Lytton contest for the worst conceivable opening line 
> for a novel

you stop that; stop it now. cease. desist. refrain. it's inhuman, cruel
and unusual and generally not nice.

will some admin filter this place for FB-L references and send hordes of
infected chickens to people who ever refer to, well, you know, certain
dead authors?

Ron, your cruelty is exceeded only by your cruelty. What next - gonna
start drinking Coors Light and eating Pace Mild with your store-bought


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