[thechat] November means NaNoWriMo!

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Tue Nov 7 13:46:15 CST 2006

Joel D Canfield bragged ...

>>I'm at about 11,000 words

Wow!  That's gobsmackingly impressive!  Most excellent Sir!  I salute
you!  ;-)

... And slandered ...

>>What next - gonna start drinking Coors Light and eating Pace Mild with
your store-bought chips?

Whaaaa??? ... Picante sauce from ... *NEW YORK CITY*????  <shudder />  

Wellllllll, I might expect that from some guy who ... 

<starts bobbing head to the bass and throws gang (or at least ASL) hand
signs /> 

Yeah ... Uhn ... Uhn ...

buys his IPA
at the IGA 
on a rainy day
in the month of May
cuz he was on his way
to pick up back pay
in the city by the Bay
or so _some_ say


Get yo hands up!  [1]

Actually, we pushed back a few Jim Dundee Honey Browns and Dos Equis
this past weekend.  Most of which, (yes, most - my wife logged 27 hours
a bit less), was spent painting the interior of my wife's daughter's
house ... 
ALL of it.  Inna weekend.  Onna bun.  The carpet install guys come today
I think.  
We had to get all of those rooms done ahead of time.  Quite a bit of
for a couple of old cripples!

>>Ron, your cruelty is exceeded only by your cruelty. 

Like I tells my son: "That's Sick *AND* Twisted to you, Mister!"


(Wondering what Joel's novel will be about ... Hmmmm ... music, beer,
in Ireland ... Must be onna them highbrow musical comedy thangs.)

[1] Today's discovery ... Apparently *some* people find it more than a
disconcerting when AARP card-carrying white dudes crank up Kayne West
Walks' or Dead Prez 'Turn Off the Radio' in the office.  How amusing!

Watched a wonderful show on PBS this weekend with one of the grandsons.
was a kids show teaching ASL.  We had a great time signing things like 
"I like cheese." (where was Aardie?) and "You don't like candy!"  
What a fun show! 

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