[thechat] Here comes Raphaël!

Stéphane Deschamps lists at nota-bene.org
Wed Nov 29 15:43:24 CST 2006

<quote who='David Kaufman' when='28/11/2006 20:41'>

> Beautiful boy, Steph!
> But then of course he is ... just look at his mom and you can see why!

Oh yes, I agree 100%... And look at his sister:
(she's the one on the left)

Ah, genetics...

> And quite a handsome shirt on her, too, I might add!  May we interest 
> you in some matching baby apparel, too? 
> http://www.cafepress.com/evoltgear#baby

He he. She'll kill me if I try to slip one of our kids into some geek 
stuff :)
(she's not the geeky type *at all*)

Actually I found it quite funny to have a delivering woman wear the 
<body></body> t-shirt, it felt fitting :)

Now of course, the t-shirt is no longer useable. They junked it in the 
maternity. Darn. Me and my clever jokes!

> My daughter had all three, the evolt "creeper" (we call them "onesies"), 
> t-shirt and bib, though she's outgrown them now, turning two next month!
> Congratulations, and send our best wishes to mother and sqeaker alike!


She's going to have to read all the messags I've gathered, I'm bringing 
the laptop to the maternity tomorrow :)

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