[thechat] Eleanor Adelaide makes her entrance

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Tue Dec 5 15:22:11 CST 2006

That fuzzy poppa guy, Judah McAuley, announced:

>>Eleanor Adelaide McAuley made her debut at 8:48 pm on December 2nd!

Happy Birthday E!  ;-)   This is most excellent news!  

Very cute and looking very alert ... Hmmm, could be ready for the family
kickball game shortly!

Congrats to you and Danica!

>>She [...] had a 14 inch head circumference. 

Is this something new they measure?  Or was it just mom complaining?  

{I think they complained about *my* head being 14 miles in circumference
... Oh, wait ... That was last week!}

Glad to hear the little one is doing well now!

I think the 'eating the camera' shot is my fav.  Somehow it just strikes
me as showing a lot of personality.

All in all it looks like all are in for a lively time!   How Fun!  ;-)


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