[thechat] Beckam LA Bound

Roger Austin raustin3 at nc.rr.com
Fri Jan 12 18:17:12 CST 2007

Hassan Schroeder wrote:
> mmmmm -- perhaps in the UK and Europe, but here? I doubt that the
> majority of the primary 'merkun sports audience -- the NFL, NBA,
> MLB fans -- even recognize the name, much less care. :-)
>> Martin wrote:
>>It's a huge game for kids (and the US women's team is a force to be  
>>reckoned with),  but needs to penetrate the adult consciousness.
> So do you see any evidence that this is happening at all?

  In my area, I would assume that more people would have heard of
his wife than him. This is a big soccer area though with many kids
playing and big time college teams. (Heard of the UNC-CH women's
team, Mia Hamm, etc.?)
  However, it is looked on as a game like dodgeball that kids play
for fun, not as a serious professional sport for adults to watch.
I'm not trying to piss off my friends around the world, but just
giving you the thought process by the public in my area.
  It will be a long time before professional soccer leagues
make it here. There is too much other stuff that already has the
headlines and the money. Plus, most people here find it boring
unless their kid is playing.

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