[thechat] Its Awfuwwy Kwiet Awound Here

Hassan Schroeder hassan at webtuitive.com
Sat Jan 13 13:34:12 CST 2007

William Anderson wrote:

> How can you find football boring to watch? 

Uh, well, it's pretty easy, actually :-)

Since you asked, my opinion of the appeal of American football is
that it reflects significant aspects of business/corporate culture:

1) differentiation of groups within an organization -- offense,
     defense, special teams, field goal
2) strict differentiation of roles within a group
3) critical time management -- both a game clock and play clock
4) project management by phase -- call a play, execute, evaluate
5) project management by milestone (first downs)
6) trickery and deceit (which are much easier to pull off when
   everyone's physically close together at the line of scrimmage,
   rather than spread thinly across a large field, I'll grant)

Plus running into people, of course. :-)

Very little of the above appears to be present in soccer. Pretty
much all of the games I've seen appear to be an interpretive dance
ode to Brownian motion...

> NFL is ...
> full of stop/starts geared around TV advertising.  

Yeah, but after having gone through the period of massive overuse
of instant replay, no one notices or cares. And I find it nicely
paced around letting the dogs in and out, getting another beer, &
etc. :-)

> I like baseball, but only in short doses :)

No dose short enough for me, I'm afraid...

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