[thechat] movies/Oscars was RPM Challenge?

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Fri Jan 26 09:05:59 CST 2007

Martin Burns decried the lack of decent 2006 films thusly:

>>So, does anyone else share my opinion that 2006 was by and large a
year of utter dross in film terms?
>>The *only* really good movie I saw all year was Children of Men, and
it's only up for technical Oscars. 

Ron ducks the question thisly:

Hi Martin!

Dunno about the 'real' films (or is it 'reel' films?) ... 
but "Cars" was absolutely awesome on the animated side of 
the fence.  In particular I think the effort they put into 
getting the 'NASCAR' scenes just right with correct camera 
angles, hyperactive announcers, and even the yahoos in the 
cheap seats faithfully popping flash bulbs really paid off 
for them.

I've heard some good things about "Little Miss Sunshine" - 
but I haven't seen it yet.  Or any of the other films 
nominated for Best Picture.  In fact, 'Sunshine' may be 
the only one I even have an interest in seeing.

The last movie I've seen that I could wax enthusiastic about 
would be "Heathers". Released in 1989 I've only just seen it 
last week.  A delightfully dark comedy featuring Winona Rider 
and Christian Slater when they both had to be about 17.


(There is a section in MSNBC.com just about every day 
containing a movie 'list'.  It could be the 5 best Jack 
Nicolson films today, the 5 worst war films tomorrow.  
Stuff like that.  There was a list recently calling 
"Heathers" the 'best bad girl film ever'.  I wasn't sure 
where to put the parenthesis in that quote - but either 
way it sounded like fun.  I had never heard of the film 

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