[thechat] Its Awfuwwy Kwiet Awound Here

William Anderson neuro at well.com
Sun Jan 28 08:08:37 CST 2007

Luther, Ron wrote:
> John Handelaar noted:
>>> a) No hands  
>>> b) No violence  
>>> c) Put the ball in that net over there.
> Hi John,
> Just trolling the "b) no violence" bit.  For the most part anyway 
> American professional sports confine their violence to the field. [1]
> I don't recall any situations here where hotels or restaurants 
> had to hire armed guards to deter fan violence arising from a 
> sporting match.
> I don't recall any stadiums here containing moats, attack dogs, 
> or guards with automatic weapons.
> 'Beautiful Sport' indeed!

There are ample numbers of football fans who do not engage in violence with
either the fans of their opponents or with innocent bystanders.  Fans of the
Scottish national team are renowned for their excellent behaviour, and are
welcomed the world over.

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