[thechat] Light Pipes (AND HEATING TOO)

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Fri Mar 9 09:00:37 CST 2007

Martin Burns enthused about underfloor heating:

>>Underfloor heating is good because it doesn't need to be as hot 
>>as radiators. Plus, your feet are more heat-sensitive (and need 
>>to be warmer for *you* to feel warm) than your head. So a gentle 
>>heat to the feet is a much more energy efficient way of heating 
>>than convecting radiators that just put a pool of hot air above 
>>your head.

Hi Martin,

I hadn't seen the light pipes before.  But I really like the idea 
a lot.  ;-)   I also like the idea that, although I have not been 
able to see prices yet, they *look* like they should be reasonably 
priced (including install) and may actually have a financial payback.

I also think light pipes may be a wonderful alternative in my
where skylights can actually be a BAD idea because they let in sooooo 
much heat they can cost you money in A/C bills.  That darn ole sun.  
Too mucho caliente!

I've seen the underfloor and underground heating application things. 
But that was years ago.  I believe there were some commercial trials 
in the Northern US under airport runways to try to alleviate some of 
the problems with ice in the winter.  I have also heard of some home 
applications in the Northern US for driveways, sidewalks, and interior 
floors, but (IIRC) those were _very_ expensive.

[The Public Television Show 'This Old House' put some in a $$$$$$$ home 
in Massachusetts a while back, for example.]

I have not been actively following the 'green building technology'
It's a very very neat idea, but are these underfloor heating boogers 
actually an affordable option for the average person yet?

Curious RonL.

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