[thechat] Light Pipes (AND HEATING TOO)

Martin Burns martin at easyweb.co.uk
Sun Mar 18 03:59:51 CDT 2007

Cap'n Ron variously opined:

> [The average house sold
> in Houston last month changed hands for about $185k.]

*gibber* that's about what we're looking at just to buy a plot of  

> Gee ... $430k here would get you a nice 3000' waterfront home in a
> golf course community that just happens to be within a liveable
> commute to my office:

GIven that our 1800 sq ft house is on the market for quite a bit more  
than that...
and that's considered relatively affordable (the same house actually  
in Edinburgh
would set you back perhaps $800k+)...

> When y'all comin' down agin?

/me calls 1-800-removals and adds
to the visiting schedule

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