[thechat] Life is a Highway - wuz - RE: politics

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Mon Mar 19 08:45:46 CDT 2007

Erik Mattheis noted:

>>For those outside the US, we're supposed to be conditioned to think of
socialism as a dirty word. 

Hi Erik,

Heh. Try hanging out with the local socialists for a while.  
I'm pretty sure you will find that the different factions 
hate each other far more than they hate anyone else ... 
or even than anyone hates them!  SWP.  YSA.  Etc.

It's an eye-opener!  ;-)

Erik also asked ... 

>>Anyone have thoughts on the private highways [in Europe?]

Well, it ain't Euromopope, but it's been discussed in my backyard so 
often I figgered it had already happened.  Wikitypedia says 'not yet', 
but the main road between me and the airomoport will prolly go private 

I don't really care.  I think the hangup was on revenue collection 
from folks that run the booth.  'Can a private road get a warrant 
and impound their car?' kinda questions.  Once those get ironed 
out I think it will be a done deal.


Who is much more annoyed by the growing population of cameras at 
intersections then any highway privatization efforts.

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