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Joel D Canfield joel at streamliine.com
Thu Apr 19 11:19:45 CDT 2007

> I don't speak Irish but I do watch TG4 (1).

makes you closer to an authority than I am!

> 'chara' ~ 'friend'
> 'eolas' ~ 'information'

'eolas' and 'eolais' are different. it's my understanding that 'eolas' is more akin to raw data, and 'eolais' is closer to understanding, wisdom. feel free to correct me; I'll change it on the next cards ;)

'anamchara' literally means something like 'soul friend' but it's an ancient word for the monk who mentored novices in the priesthood, a spiritual guide to new ways of thinking and acting.

part of my quandary here was that anything I could come up with in English would cause people to think they knew what I did - "oh, you do the website" "oh, you design stuff for the printer" "oh, you're the guy who sells my CDs online" and all that stuff is what I do, but not what I *am* (side note: at least in this part of the US, if your title sounds even remotely like 'facilities', it's assumed you're in charge of the electric bill, furniture, and carpet stains. 'Facilitator' is in fact the first word that popped into my head, and was rejected moments later because it almost begs people to draw the wrong conclusion.)

Yeah, if this was a real business and I was looking for venture capital or going to a bank for a loan, I'd call myself Vice President or CIO and be done with it. Instead, it's a loose embryonic marketing vision which has no thought (yet) of making money or being a 'business' in any traditional sense of the word.

ah, I miss TV in Gaelic; there were some shows we couldn't miss, despite not having a clue what they were saying - the acting was so good, and the stories so fun, it didn't matter if we couldn't get translate it, we knew what they *meant*

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