[thechat] synonym (word or phrase)

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Thu Apr 19 13:26:25 CDT 2007

John (>) and Joel (>>) discussed Gaelic word derivations:

> 'chara' ~ 'friend'
> 'eolas' ~ 'information'

>>'eolas' and 'eolais' are different. it's my understanding that 
>>'eolas' is more akin to raw data, and 'eolais' is closer to 
>>understanding, wisdom. feel free to correct me; I'll change it 
>>on the next cards ;)

>>'anamchara' literally means something like 'soul friend' but it's 
>>an ancient word for the monk who mentored novices in the priesthood, 
>>a spiritual guide to new ways of thinking and acting.


Most Enlightening! 

Perhaps I should have more than 'ritas for lunch, but I'm embarrassed to
say that I was hearing the phrase more as 'Ambergris Legolas' which ...
if my interpretive skills haven't completely abandoned me ... would
roughly translate as "whale puke on that gay fcker with all the arrows"!

An odd thing to put on your business card, to be sure, but hey - it *is*
Cal-Eye-FunnyFarm-Aye-Ei-Way after all.  



(Now wondering if MS Outlook allows conditional signatures so I could
sign emails to my left coast colleagues as 'Lead Moondog' or 'Chief Data
Dweezel'.  I'm sure I saw that option in there somewhere.)

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