[thechat] the bridge!

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Thu Aug 2 07:30:22 CDT 2007

A justifiably shaken Erik Mattheis noted:

>>I was on 35W 4-5 miles south of the bridge when emergency vehicles 
>>started passing me. I turned off to pick up a friend for the Twins

>>We settled into our seats in the Dome with $1 hot dogs and other
>>snacks. ... the announcer said "... collapsed over the Mississippi. 

Hi Erik,

Holy Crap!  Glad to hear that you are okay!  Wow.  That would rattle

Sorry to hear about the panic attacks too, man.  (I had an ex-wife with
a heart problem who used to get those.)  Those are no fun at all.

>>I hope the casualties stay as low as it appears they may be 

As do we all.


Yo!  What a totally crappy evening; crummy Cracker Jack toys and the
Twins lose in 10!

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