[thechat] t-shirts with faces on them

Erika ekm at seastorm.com
Wed Oct 3 14:28:58 CDT 2007

My friend and I were at a show at a club weekend before last, and I had 
this stack of photos from a Mudhoney show 1989 in Portland (w/ Nirvana 
opening).  I'm helping my friend David who's a photographer make a 
website, and so I had some of his prints...

Between bands, my friend spyed Steve Turner, Mudhoney guitar player, in 
the crowd... so I was, like, OMG I have a photo of him from 20 years ago 
in my car!

We should get him to sign it!  (I also had a sharpie... cool beans)  In 
the photo he's wearing this goofball t-shirt like you could make at the 
mall or fair, with a girl's face on it...

So my friend goes up to him with the photo, and is all, "Is this you?" 
and he looked at some of the photos and laughed, and he signed it for us...

And on the back of the photo he wrote: "The girl on my shirt is 
Michelle."  And he explained that she's a friend of his.  Which was 
cool, because I was wondering who the girl on his shirt was.  It's 
Michelle.  Oh, ok.

Me and my friend totally want to get t-shirts with each other's faces on 
them, and wear them together.  It would be like Sims, but with t-shirts 
instead of thought bubbles (oh yeah, we got the Sims game and the kid is 
totally addicted)

Thanks for the hellokitty link, btw.  cool stuff on that site.


Joel D Canfield wrote:
>> Hey Joel, any truth to the rumor that the Iggster was 
>> actually sporting
>> a 'Hello Kitty' T-shirt on the original version of that album cover?
> quit trying to derail me. I'm busy.
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> but man oh man that'd be funny - how 'bout the mirror mirror version,
> with Che wearing a shirt with Iggy on it, wearing a shirt with HK on it,
> wearing a kitty tag with, oh, I don't know, Walter Cronkite on it?
> ____

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