[thechat] they obviously don't want anyone talking about this

Joel D Canfield joel at streamliine.com
Tue Oct 16 16:41:17 CDT 2007


Please. 'Futalognkosaurus' ?

While I don't advocate naming all new dinosaurs 'George', could they at
least have pronouncable names? I'm pretty darn good with subtleties (I
can pronounce the German 'ich' and 'ach' correctly, and they ain't the
same 'ch') but, really, unless this is 'FUTT uh la GUNK oh sore uss' I
have no clue. 

Hey, I just realized that's pretty rhythmic; I could write a children's

    Who has a neck seventeen yards long?
    FUTT uh la GUNK oh sore uss
    Who stomps on your head when things go wrong?
    FUTT uh la GUNK oh sore uss

How about 'Buttafuocoasauraus' ? That's close, and most people could say

But not without laughing.


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