[thechat] they obviously don't want anyone talking about this

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Wed Oct 17 07:37:47 CDT 2007

Joel D Canfield asked:

>>While I don't advocate naming all new dinosaurs 'George', [1] could
they at least have pronouncable names? 

Only when the world gets more Texican paleontologists!  {That's what the
world needs today.  Hey, hey.  ...}

'Course, then grad students would have to memorize names of critters
like the


That 'RangdangtootinTexevoltercanista Feller-orus'

>>How about 'Buttafuocoasauraus' ? That's close, and most people could
say it.

Whoa!  That's not a 'Joey Buttafuocoasauraus' is it?  Better keep it
away from the children!

[1] Odd side note ... Some zookeepers, (mostly in aquatics or reptiles),
actually _do_ name all of the animals the same.  At the Houston Zoo all
of the reptiles (except for the Komodo which is, as usual, named "Smaug"
[2]) are named "Bob".  The lead keeper got overly annoyed at people
asking for the animals names one day and decided that they were all
named "Bob".  [Eh, whaddaya want from the city George Foreman and all
the little George Foremans live in?]

[2] I think it's a subset of the people who name all pythons "Monty".  

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