[thechat] relatively small?

Joel D Canfield joel at streamliine.com
Mon Nov 5 15:02:39 CST 2007

> indifferent to the idea of a few glow-in-the-dark gila monsters
> truckin' around the Arizona desert?

sheesh; our only poison lizard goes nuke? THERE'S a story.

> Seen any followups to it?

nothing. they added a blurb emphasizing that they think someone else put
it in the truck and he probably didn't even know it was there.

although, I can't imagine the thinking behind building a pipe bomb
which, according to the story, wouldn't have even blowed up the truck,
let alone anything bigger.

practice, maybe? dry run for Bigger Things?


I do, though, remember when my older brother learned that a Molotov
cocktail was essentially just gas and oil mixed in a sealed glass
container. he and our younger brother started mixing gas and oil in
every glass jug they could find, plugged the top with a rag, and did the
light-throw-run thing across the railroad tracks from our house.

until they graduated to dropping about a quart of gas in a gallon jug
off the unused railroad bridge a mile away. from 20 feet down, the blast
took off their eyelashes and eyebrows.

they quit.

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