[thechat] By Any Other Name ... Wuz RE: Guitar envy...

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Mon May 5 13:12:21 CDT 2008

Joel D Canfield strummed in to note:

>>reminds me of a software company which named both their operating
>>system's navigation *and* their web browser by the same name


Grrr.  Yeah.  We've got a Watusi here who decided it would be brilliant to give the server the same name as the reporting software that runs on it.  Hullo?  How ya gonna triage a support ticket?  And will it be more or less fun in the future when you trash that reporting package and install a competitor's offering?  You wanna tell people you're running Business Objects on Hyperion?  Crystal on Proclarity?  Hosers!

However, I'm not entirely sure I'm convinced that Fender is a good example.  They used to be.  Back when the only Strat choice you had was blonde or brunette.  ;-)

But today?

Just how many 'Strats' do they make again?  Whoa!  You can get a bad deal paying $250 on a new Strat [1] or get a good deal paying $1500 on a new Strat [2].  Korean Strats, Mexican Strats, Japanese Strats, 'Murrican Stats ... It's a regular United Nations of Strats!  Between all the Reissues, Artist Editions, and "Series" of one kind or another its hard to comparison shop Strats between stores anymore.

Naw, I think today 'Strat' is more of a brand than a model.

My two measures worth,

[1] The Squire Affinity Series Stratocaster appears to list for $249.99

[2] The VG Strat looks to list for $2400 and sell for about $1700.

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