[thechat] Home recording?

Martin Burns martin at easyweb.co.uk
Tue Aug 12 14:53:47 CDT 2008

On 12 Aug 2008, at 13:07, Luther, Ron wrote:

> Little Kevin Freeman writes in to ask:
>>> What's a PodXT and an iMic and an OSX machine.
> The PodXT is a magical amulet procurable from the fine wizards at  
> line6:
> http://line6.com/podxt/

who also produce less spendy amulets:

but hey, I got my XT from ebay :-D

Line6 also produce flexible drugs used to commune with the muse that  
can pretend to be drugs of many flavours:
and lo, it was good.

> The iMIC is a mythical device that allows PODs to curry favor with  
> OSX boxen.  Beware the Griffin:
> http://www.griffintechnology.com/products/imic

Actually, it allows guitars to curry favour with OSX boxen. The PodXT  
has a USB out that goes straight into computers of many flavours  
having digitised the signal.

Depending on drivers, the iMic may or may not work on other OSen.

> Now a guitar, on the other hand, is a drug used to commune with the  
> muse.  Here is a rare photo of one captured in a restful state:
> http://www.breedloveguitars.com/gallery/mk1_custom_multnomah_q.php

Yeah, I want my Variax electronics in one o' them


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