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Thu Jan 8 12:58:23 CST 2009

Erika Meyer wrote:

> shifting topic a bit... you know I had always so much baggage as a kid 
> knowing I would never be a good musician because music is so tied to 
> math and I suck at math.  I mean, I SUCK at math.  I would say to the 
> point of learning-disabled...(ADD, probably)
> What I didn't realize is that you don't have to be a good musician to be 
> a good musician.  By which I mean, you can make up for so much with 
> creativity, intuition, persistence and emotion.  I wish I'd figured that 
> out in my teens (I did figure it out by my 30s)

Amen. I could always pick up almost anything and play by ear. In
junior high in SF, our band director had a day a month or so where
everyone got to switch instruments. Tired of clarinet? Try French
horn. Or trombone. Whatever. It was great. Cacophonous, but great :-)

But math? No thank you. I was invited to leave my first institution
of higher learning due to my inability/disinclination to be one with
calculus. Not that the lure of the beach and surfing had anything to
do with it.

> and realizing how much of ...GENIUS... is in fact a matter of creative 
> compensation for inherent weakness/disability.  "Disability" is a 
> misnomer, I think, and a result of focusing on lack, a result of valuing 
> the average, rather than the exceptional.

Most people "see" what they expect to see (or the absence thereof)
rather than scanning for new patterns that reveal what really is.

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