[thechat] playing games

Erika Meyer ekm at seastorm.com
Thu Jan 8 15:26:53 CST 2009

Martin Burns wrote:
> (who can play guitar along with pretty much any Scottish or Irish  
> tune, and know where it's going in the next 8 bars, whether or not  
> he's heard it before)

here's how I like write songs: set up this kind of expectation, make 
sure you've established it, then defy it (melodic or rhythmically)... 
just long enough... then fall back into it.  To keep people from getting 
too smug. ;)  (side effect: exasperates rhythm players.)

I think that folk songs are predictable in part because they were 
communications (news/stories/commentaries) set to music, and the 
relative predictability of a ballad form making them easy to remember 
and pass along.

(who is currently amusing herself by blowing on thechat threads as if 
they were spiderwebs, aloft)

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