[thechat] playing games

Joel D Canfield Joel at CommonsenseEntrepreneur.com
Thu Jan 8 20:39:05 CST 2009

> drum kits on Craigs list and discovered for $200 we could get a REAL
> SET.

plan on different cymbals.

Oldest Nuisance got his kit for $249, invested a couple hundred in
Sabian cymbals and new Remo heads, and it rocks. I love hammering on it.
really really want a new kick pedal, though; his is like stomping a cat
(only not as fun.) I wish he'd buy better stuff for me to borrow.

> they start getting screwed up I say, "hey you, yeah you! no Sun Ra
> til
> you can get through Mississippi Queen! LISTEN!"
> And they lock right back in.

right; I'd forgotten that was on there. there's this little kabal of
bass playing vocalists that I wanna be when I grow up; Felix, Jack
Bruce, Greg Lake, Michael Been. so much easier to sing and play bass
when the original vocalist was the bass player.
> Daddy got a theramin for xmas. I am determined to do the vocal tracks
> theramin. So far it has a proved to be the most effective method for
> getting
> the kids to *stop* playing rock band :-(

My brothers and I played with one at the Reuben H. Fleet Space Theatre
and Science Center in San Diego 35 years ago. Until they came and made
us stop. I guess it was supposed to be 'educational', not fun.

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