[thechat] how do you buy a PC?

Erika Meyer ekm at seastorm.com
Fri Jan 9 12:47:41 CST 2009

David Kaufman wrote:
> No there are no Genius Bars for PC's! -- just Geek Squads :-)

don't get me wrong, I hate the genius bar.  Mostly I hate that the genii 
are all snarky 12 year olds.  I want to visit the genius bar wearing 
t-shirt that says something like "is this the penis bar?" in teeny tiny 
genius bar font.  Gotta play up this whole "cougar" thing.  I'm thinking 
about pairing it with stillettos and peggy bundy hair...

ATM I'm leaning toward the colored Dell, because it's rep is running 
"cool" (a prob with the last one), her last one was also an inspiron, 
and because it strikes me as a dell answer to an iBook.  I'll check w/ 
Daughter and report back.


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