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<quote who='Joel D Canfield' when='25/03/2009 21:13'>
> my wife and I have  co-authored a book for virtual assistants. we both
> write in the first person. we're looking for a simple way to
> differentiate who's speaking, without having to say "Sue says" and "Joel
> says" all the time. we're looking for something which would have the
> same effect as talking to us at the same time on the phone: you'd know
> who's speaking by their voice.
> what would make sense to you while you were reading a book written by
> two people? 

If it's whole chapters I'd either begin each chapter by "Joel says" or 
by a picture. Or have a whole splash page for each chapter with its 
author's name (like every collegial tech book out there).

You cold also use a system of graphical differenciation, either by 
colour or font (or both) or using a different pictogram. I remember the 
"for dummies" collection has those: one pic for "important", one for 
"did you know", etc. You could elaborate on that idea.

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