[thechat] Jealous

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Tue Jun 9 10:16:42 CDT 2009

Fred Jones asked:

>>Wow. Now *that* is slick. If I could get two 19" LCDs that stand up
>>like that, then I would consider that. :)

>>Do they all work like that? The orientation is a feature of the
>>hardware I presume. Or perhaps this a special monitor?

Hi Fred,

Eeep.  I don't know if they *all* do that ... but I have a pair of older 19" LCDs that are supposed to do that!  [1]  {I haven't played with that feature though.}  They physically pivot - the software to make it work was supposed to be included but might be Win only - I dunno.  I just spun the one sitting in front of me and ended up with a sideways monitor.  [The note in the corner says "Load Pivot (r) and rotate to Portrait" ... but I'm not finding the Pivot (r) software.]  Hmmm ... not finding any reasonable "pivot*.*" on the local drive.  Not certain I found it online although I ran into other folks looking for it.  Ran out of time to putz with it for now though.

I have one at home connected to an Ubuntu box.  If I remember, I'll give it a "spin" and see what happens!


[1]  Sheesh ... a review from 2003!  

* Looks like Amazon is currently selling these for $130

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