[thechat] Network clue needed ...

Barry Woolgar barry at burnthebook.co.uk
Mon Jul 13 08:39:22 CDT 2009

Hello RonL,

> Running into a networking issue.  
> The Ubuntu box kicks the laptop offline and 'steals' the connection 
> so that we have to 'ipconfig release' / 'ipconfig renew' the laptop 
> to get it working again.

First off, I've only got networking experience with Windows (and have never
used Ubuntu). However while you're waiting for an expert I'll weigh in with
my tuppence-worth:

This sounds like the Ubuntu box has a fixed IP specified in its networking
config. So when it comes on it doesn't ask your router for a new IP, but
just starts using its hardcoded IP (perhaps which happens to be
the one getting served up by DHCP on the router to the laptop. This could
then cause the problem you're having. 

To solve it, either switch the Ubuntu box to start using DHCP, or set the
laptop to use another fixed IP (eg - but the latter will
probably just cause more problems down the line. Unfortunately I can't help
with where to change the Ubuntu config.

It's possible I've got the two machines reversed and it is actually the
laptop with a fixed IP but I don't know if the release/renew action would
fix that...

Anyway, hope that points you in the right direction and not the wrong one!


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