[thechat] Network clue needed ...

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Mon Jul 13 08:45:52 CDT 2009

Barry Woolgar noted:

>>This sounds like the Ubuntu box has a fixed IP specified in its networking
>>config. So when it comes on it doesn't ask your router for a new IP, but
>>just starts using its hardcoded IP (perhaps which happens to be
>>the one getting served up by DHCP on the router to the laptop. This could
>>then cause the problem you're having. 

Sounds reasonable!

>>To solve it, either switch the Ubuntu box to start using DHCP, or set the
>>laptop to use another fixed IP (eg - but the latter will
>>probably just cause more problems down the line. Unfortunately I can't help
>>with where to change the Ubuntu config.

Okay - I'll poke around looking for it ... right now it's connecting using some "auto-ethernet" daemon (methinks).  I tried puttering around in the network settings there ... I guess I'll try some more.


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