[thechat] interestorating (Was: Re: arrrrr!)

David Kaufman david at gigawatt.com
Wed Oct 14 13:05:08 CDT 2009

That was funny, Kevin.  But not really the way pirates speak, or spell.

Most pirates were known to be surprisingly good writers.  Still are, in 
fact, to this very day (though now their style tends more toward the 
Nigerian email scam, mixed with a strong Ivory Coast ransom-note influence.

But what's so annoying (much less irri-tatting) about being 
interestorated in the endingness of words?  that?  I've always been!

Anyway, to delet our obsecancious mailings, please refer to the key on 
your keyboard labeled "Delete" (or perhaps just "Del" (or maybe 
"delet")).  The owner's manual that came with your computer should be 
able to help you operate it properly.  Be careful of the "Insert" (or 
"Ins") button just next to it, though!  Incorrect use of *that* one 
could be painful (especially if you're in a seated position at the time 
that it's activated).

And to prevent the compulsive consistent delivery of all our future 
message to you, send an email to thechat-unsubscribe at lists.evolt.org 
(though I can't fathom why we'd go on without you!)

And when you get the confirmation email, just hit reply and send.



Kevin Freeman wrote:
> You fucking people need to shut the fuck up as you are superiorly
> annoying and i cannot delet your obsecant compulsive consistent
> mailings to me and hey are very irritatting and aggresive to say the
> leastest as English Professors are so interestorated in the endingness
> of wordies so you all should go eat shit and kick up a hike to your
> mother fucking super man jeshiva shit eating fooliosiosiosios
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