[thechat] interestorating (Was: Re: arrrrr!)

Joel Canfield joel at bizba6.com
Wed Oct 14 13:11:33 CDT 2009

> Most pirates were known to be surprisingly good writers.  Still are, in
> fact, to this very day (though now their style tends more toward the
> Nigerian email scam

British band called oddbod wrote a song called 'A Letter from Nigeria';
really really funny

oh, look! you can get it free right here: http://oddbod.net/fawm.html it's
all good stuff; check out 'And the Starlight' which made it onto my Handmade
& Homespun compilation (http://HandmadeHomespun.com/)

I'm eventually working on a short story about a paralegal who's trying to
convince some poor guy that his long lost relative really *did* leave him a
fortune in his Nigerian bank account.


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