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Hassan Schroeder hassan at webtuitive.com
Mon Oct 26 18:39:52 CDT 2009

Luther, Ron wrote:

> .... for cable tv content and internet connectivity. 

> ... I'm pretty much sold on avoiding the Comcast intertubes if possible.)

Heh, well. I felt the same for quite a while, using Speakeasy as my
DSL provider. But I wound up going through so many cycles of back
and forth between them, the actual DSL provisioner, and the local
phone company that I finally said the heck with it, since we already
had Comcast cable tv. And $DEITY knows it was with great trepidation,
based on past service experiences.

BUT, props where props are due: my cable modem had been dropping off
line intermittently for a couple of weeks, and by last Wednesday it
was resetting itself over and over. So I called the service #. After
the phone tree, the *very first person I spoke with* actually knew
what he was doing, had visibility into the stats of my modem(!), and
immediately acknowledged that something was badly wrong. He offered
a service tech visit the next day at 11:00; I couldn't be there at
that time, so took the first Friday appointment.

Service tech arrived, checked the signal at the modem, went outside,
said the signal level was too high, spent 20 minutes on a ladder on
the pole, tickety-boo and bob's y'r uncle.

No guarantee that it'll always be that good, of course, but I'd say
Comcast has made substantial progress in their service side.


Oh, and it's pretty screamingly fast, FWIW. :-)
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