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Roger Austin raustin3 at nc.rr.com
Mon Oct 26 19:43:33 CDT 2009

Hassan Schroeder wrote:
> Luther, Ron wrote:
>> .... for cable tv content and internet connectivity. 
>> ... I'm pretty much sold on avoiding the Comcast intertubes if possible.)
> Heh, well. I felt the same for quite a while, using Speakeasy as my
> DSL provider. But I wound up going through so many cycles of back
> and forth between them, the actual DSL provisioner, and the local
> phone company that I finally said the heck with it, since we already
> had Comcast cable tv. And $DEITY knows it was with great trepidation,
> based on past service experiences.
> BUT, props where props are due: my cable modem had been dropping off
> line intermittently for a couple of weeks, and by last Wednesday it
> was resetting itself over and over. So I called the service #. After
> the phone tree, the *very first person I spoke with* actually knew
> what he was doing, had visibility into the stats of my modem(!), and
> immediately acknowledged that something was badly wrong. He offered
> a service tech visit the next day at 11:00; I couldn't be there at
> that time, so took the first Friday appointment.
> Service tech arrived, checked the signal at the modem, went outside,
> said the signal level was too high, spent 20 minutes on a ladder on
> the pole, tickety-boo and bob's y'r uncle.
> No guarantee that it'll always be that good, of course, but I'd say
> Comcast has made substantial progress in their service side.
> Oh, and it's pretty screamingly fast, FWIW. :-)

  We have Time-Warner Cable and this is essentially what happened to us
except we had to go through several visits before a young woman came out
about 8pm one Summer day who knew what she was doing. She said what I
had suspected, that the problem was on the pole not in my house. A crew
came out with a bucket truck a day later and we have been on high-speed
ever since.

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