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Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Mon Oct 26 19:55:52 CDT 2009

Roger Austin noted a similar experience!

>>We have Time-Warner Cable and this is essentially what happened to us
>>except we had to go through several visits before a young woman came out
>>about 8pm one Summer day who knew what she was doing. She said what I
>>had suspected, that the problem was on the pole not in my house. A crew
>>came out with a bucket truck a day later and we have been on high-speed
>>ever since.

Thanks Roger!

Gee - I meant to send you a note a while back!  (I think things came up and we missed our chance to take my wife's mom to the Houston quilting bonanza this year ... oops.  But at least we were aware of it this time.)

We *DID* however stop at that exit in NC you suggested (it just kinda happened that way).  Ye godz!  The traffic for getting back on the highway was ridiculicolous! ... so we stopped to eat at the chicken joint with the odd pastry things.  What an eye opener!  Grease = a spicy condiment!  Who knew?  ;-)

Have Big Fun!

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