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Roger Austin raustin3 at nc.rr.com
Mon Oct 26 20:39:21 CDT 2009

Luther, Ron wrote:
> Gee - I meant to send you a note a while back!  (I think things came 
up and we missed our chance to take my wife's mom to the Houston
quilting bonanza this year ... oops.  But at least we were aware of it
this time.)

  The International Quilt Exposition in Houston is a monster. The next
one is November 4-7, 2010. It is like Mecca to the quilter crowd.
Never get in between a quilter and fabric. It is worse than a momma
grizzly and her cubs. They will take you down.

> We *DID* however stop at that exit in NC you suggested (it just 
kinda happened that way).  Ye godz!  The traffic for getting back on
the highway was ridiculicolous! ... so we stopped to eat at the chicken
joint with the odd pastry things.  What an eye opener!
Grease = a spicy condiment!  Who knew?  ;-)

  Well, we have always known that. I hope you filled up some bags with
hush puppies to take back with you. And, you know that pig fat does
not count as grease. It is actually good for you and is completely
organic. Ummm, natural pork fat...lard.

  The Warsaw exit is hard to miss since it is about the only exit for
many miles in either direction. We stop there on the way to our
favorite beach at Atlantic Beach, NC. It makes a nice half way break
between Raleigh and the beach. The traffic can get fairly dense for
a rural exit, but Ft. Bragg traffic comes down Hwy-24 and there are
many trucks that stop there too.

  Y'all have fun down there in the heat. Enjoy, Roger

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