[thechat] E-Verify ... curiosity

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Thu Feb 11 09:59:48 CST 2010

Thanks Guys!

Heh.  Texas still manages to amuse me for their refusal to accept a US passport as proof of identity.  (Nu-uh!  Don't need no dadgum federales hanging round heah!  Oooo!  Now *there's* an idea!)

I dunno ... my more tinfoil hat musings wonder if we won the hardware bid for Echelon and this is a clause in the contract that doesn't exist ...

My best guess, however, is that this may be some brilliant PAC play to help the budding career of some US Senate candidate acquire some 'tough on illegals' brownie points.  Although I've absolutely no idea who she could be!

Peace out and keep your paperwork in order,
Ron(pay no attention to the whiteout)L. 

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