[thechat] Dont tax

Mohan Arun L marun2 at gmail.com
Sat Oct 30 09:23:11 CDT 2010

Jack Timmons wrote
>>choose a better subject of discussion. The most you're going to
>>accomplish with this is shut a few doors because of the arguments in
>>politics, or at worse threaten how you're seen by others.

>>I've seen well-intended compliment/criticisms get twisted into
>>grotesque demons of hatred on lists (not -this- one, per se), I can
>>only assume one starting out on a hard line would spiral into
>>something deeper.

You are right. It does threaten to
transform with a grotesque twist, which is best avoided.

I am neither hard right nor hard left. I am not even sure what these
terms mean. I am in India, and disillusioned with the way
the Gov't wastes my tax money doling things out free to supposedly
'poor' people and these people are not really 'poor' as I know.
(free electricity, free clothes, free bicycles, free bus passes, free
food in schools)

A 'Slum clearance board' builds apartments for the squatters occupying hutments
along river beds and gives them apartments to the illegal squatters for free
so they can vacate the hutments, while I have to toil my ass off
to get a dwelling of my own.

You people in America dont have to deal with real headaches like these.
You can worry more about things like Tea Party.
These are nothing really. You people have it good, if you havent
realized it already.
I envy you.


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